In most of the Domino decommissioning projects a substantial part of your Notes databases are no longer actively in use. However, users might still need to read the data or keep it for financial or legal purpose. For this purpose we have developed this Notes2SP service.

This website allows you to easily dump your IBM Lotus Notes databases to your SharePoint online environment (SPO).

After signup and online payment you will get the opportunity to upload your Notes databases to this website in a secure manner. We will make sure that the entire Notes database is uploaded to the SPO sites you have defined.

When we dump a Notes database to SPO we create a read only dump of the Notes database views, forms and all Notes content (including attachments). We always upload all content in the Notes database to SPO because then no content is by mistake forgotten. Hence you cannot instruct us to make a selection of the Notes content to be dumped. We support all Notes database designs and all Notes database content. Notes security is not moved to SPO (unless specifically requested). We strip it away and we simply move everything across. Notes dynamic forms are adjusted in such a way that all fields are displayed and dumped to SPO. Notes response structures are supported and displayed in the SPO views and on the SPO export forms.

A single dump always takes multiple days before its completed. Dumps of very large Notes databases may take a week or even longer because the upload speed to the SPO is not very fast.

The image below shows the dump of a Notes knowledge database to SPO.

All (not hidden) Notes views are recreated in the SPO site as aspx files (marked with an orange rectangle in image above), which can be opened by the user. These aspx files will display the same information that you will see in a Notes view: view content, columns, categories, response documents and so on.

The SPO view allows the users to open the Notes document in SPO, for example:

Files are listed both on the top of the page as well on the original location in the Notes document.

Below image displays a Notes response document structure dumped to SPO.


Security and platform description

Notes databases mostly contain sensitive information such as personal data (e-mail address, names, phone numbers) of employees, customers, suppliers as well as financial – or hr data. Secure data processing for in- and external (GDPR/AGV) compliance is crucial and hence it’s important that Users of the data migration platform (´Users´) understand the security measures and steps incorporated in the entire migration process.

Step 1 – the Notes database copy

The User of makes a Notes database(s) copy from the Domino server to a PC or file server. The Notes database copy created is not encrypted or secured in anyway. The user may optionally adjust the content of the Notes database copy by removing certain sensitive information.

Step 2 – (zipping) and uploading the Notes database to

The User may zip the Notes database(s) with a zip archive password and communicate the password via the internal communication system. In this way the zip file is better protected. (Password) zipping is optional.
The upload of the Notes databases or the (password) protected zip file is done via the website which runs on https. This means that the transport of the Notes database via the internet to the server disk is encrypted. After the upload the UN-encrypted Notes files are stored on the hard drive of the server and are not accessible for the User nor by the website.
The User is responsible for deleting the PC based Notes database(s) after it has been uploaded to

Step 3 – conversion Notes to html

The Notes databases are converted to UN-encrypted html files on the server. The team will double check if the Notes content is converted correctly by reading some Notes documents and comparing them with the html output.

Step 4 – upload to SharePoint Online.

The html files are uploaded to SharePoint Online via https. This transport is secure because the transport layer is encrypted by Microsoft. Once the files are stored in SharePoint Online the Microsoft security and encryption is applicable.

Secure Communication

The site has a site internal messaging system. For security reasons it is advised to use this message system to communicate sensitive information with us.

The sensitive information in the email body will not leave the https secured website of The User will receive email notifications on its company email system without the email body where the sensitive information is stored.

This, in a nutshell, explains our Notes to SPO dump solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on in case you have any questions.

Interested? Please visit the instructions page on how to get started.