About us

Notes2sp.com is a joint cooperation between Lialis and IONET Software.

Over the past decade Lialis has conducted a large number of complex Notes Decommissioning projects across the globe and has developed into a true Notes to SharePoint Application Migration and Archiving specialist. For more info on Lialis and our expertise kindly visit our dedicated Notes Application Migration website. Lialis is responsible for setting up and operating Notes2sp.com.

Contact details Lialis B.V.

Contact Person: marten.vosmer@lialis.com
Address: Ede, Oude Bennekomseweg 1A
Postal Code: 6717LM
Country: Netherlands
Phone: 0031622473076
Website: https://notesapplicationmigration.com
Chamber of Commerce ID: 30169588 (KVK Centraal Gelderland)
VAT-ID: NL 817 643 497 B01


IONET Software is a Notes solution software development company. Over the years IONET has developed many clever tools to enhance an existing Notes/Domino environment, or provide an easy path away from a Notes ecosystem.

Contact details IONET Software

Contact Person: info@ionetsoftware.com
Address: Mana, Wellington 5247
Postal Code: PO Box 57014
Country: New Zealand
Phone: +64 4239 9990
Website: https://www.ionetsoftware.com