Please first register yourself.

You will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address. After this the registration is successful and you can login to our site.

We provide an NDA to be mutually signed. This step can be skipped if you prefer.

On the Archive Job page you specify the Notes database dump details.

First prepare the Notes database copies for uploading to

  1. Make sure you have all Notes database ACL roles assigned to your Notes user ID (when the Notes db has ACL roles)
  2. Make sure you enable Advanced views under View in the Notes client
  3. Open the Notes database and press File > Application > New copy (or File > Notes database in Older Notes client versions)
  4. Choose a file location on your computer, disable the Encryption and press Ok to make the Notes database copy

Please do this Notes database copy operation for all Notes databases you are planning to ship to site for archiving. Please zip all Notes database files to a zip file. Max file size is 30 GB.

Download the archive job excel file to your computer and fill out the form and attach it to the form:


SharePoint Online preparations

Please carry out the following configurations in the SharePoint Online site where your Notes databases will be dumped to.

Please create a Modern SPO Team Site collection, or (sub) site where the Notes archive must be stored. In this Team Site create a test Document Library. When its possible to drag and drop a small test folder with a few files inside this folder into the document library you are good to go.

Next we must get access to this team site. You have two options.

  • Enable external sharing (new and existing quests) of the site collection as outlined in this post Share the SharePoint Online sub site or site collection with the account with Site owner / Full Control permissions. The disadvantage of this method is that the name Marten Vosmer will be displayed in the library modified column
  • Deliver us an account which we will use to access the SPO Team site and upload the files. You can name this account anyway you like, for example “Notes Migration”.


After submitting the Archive Job form you will be redirected to the online payment form. It is your responsibility to correctly set the numbers in the payment form. We will check this when we receive the archive job details from you. When you have received a discount code the payment step can be skipped.

When pressing the Purchase button you will be redirected to the Checkout payment page for online payment. We offer several payment methods.

Please fill out your personal details. The tax is only applicable for companies located in the Netherlands.

You may enter an discount code:

After a successful payment you will be redirected to the page where you can upload the Notes database files to our migration server.

When the upload is completed we will be notified by email. Then we will carry out the following tasks.

  • We will check the Notes databases to ensure the amount of documents in the Notes database is equal to the amount of documents you have specified in the job excel file. We do this to make sure that we have access to all content and that there are no security issues resulting in less content to be dumped to SPO
  • We add a Notes view which displays all Notes documents by form to check if all Notes documents are dumped properly to SPO. We come across old Notes designs which are not rendered properly to SPO. It is our responsibility to make sure the rendering is not an issue.
  • The Notes database is dumped to the disk of our server. We check if the dump job ran without errors, if not we fix issues and we redo the dump to disk.
  • When the dump to disk is error free the upload to the SPO sites you have set in the job excel file is executed. This upload may take days or even a few weeks for very large Notes databases. Make sure the SP sites have enough free space to receive the Notes databases.
  • When the upload is completed we do a final check and then we hand over the result to you for review.
  • It is possible some Notes documents / attachments are corrupted and could no be dumped to SPO, this will reported to you by email.
  • We will redo the archive work when you find issues, at no additional charge.