Includes 1 Notes Database dump to your SPO site
Unlimited Notes Database size and unlimited amount of Notes documents

Pricing example:
The price to dump 10 Notes databases to SPO is:
10 x €285 = €2850

Please visit the instructions page on how to get started.

Pricing explained:

During each Notes database conversion we spend time to check the Notes db content, adjust the Notes db design to make sure the rendering to aspx files will be error free. We spend time on communication with the client and we compare Notes and SharePoint conversion result to be absolutely sure the dump has been done 100% error free. At the end we report by email the issues that we could not fix. Notes db conversion to HTML is never a straightforward process, it always needs personal attention. We hope you appreciate this service and you value the pricing.

A single dump always takes multiple days before it is completed. Dumps of very large Notes databases may take a week or even longer because the upload speed to the SPO is not very fast.